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How to market your Shopify store & products better than anyone else in just 3 steps

Are you a Shopify store owner and need help in getting your product seen and “out there”? What do you do? You go on to google and you search how to market or increase the sales of my Shopify products and what do you get? Well, I am sick and tired of hearing and reading blogs like “20 effective ways promote to promote your Shopify products….”, “107 of the best ways to promote your Shopify store….” because these strategies are not targeted and the folks who are dishing out such blogs are just giving you strategies that are not only “ a shot in the dark” but a strategy for a business to fail. If you don’t know your business, your product and how to reach your target audience in the easiest and most efficient way, then you best take a look at your business strategy again. Anyone can type out 1000 digital strategies and ways to reach consumers, but you have to understand these are strategies that are push strategies. The people who are writing those strategies obviously want you to feel that you are insecure and that you are missing something. Well, newsflash, you are the owner of your business, you know your business than anyone and you don’t need to feel insecure that you have to do a 107 or 20 different things just to tick the box and make you self feel secure. …


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